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Chamber Music Festival

PROM 74: September 8

We were thrilled to be able to go ahead with filming some performances for the 2020 Festival in the House at the end of July and we turned it into a family affair with the Salisbury family as a small private audience. We are giving our wider audiences the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Lord Salisbury, who will introduce Hatfield House’s historic features with art historian Dr Emily Burns.

We were joined by many of the musicians who have become firm favourites at the Festival – the Navarra Quartet, clarinettist Julian Bliss and pianists Melvyn Tan and Kathryn Stott – who performed under these unusual circumstances along side some newcomers to Hatfield audiences – counter tenor Iestyn Davies, lutenist Elizabeth Kenny, soprano Katherine Broderick and organist Richard Gowers.

Rather than abandoning this year’s Festival, we felt it was so important to keep musicians seen and heard, and above all employed.

The films will be released as follows and can be viewed then and afterwards for free, though a donation towards the costs of making these films would be very welcome. Details of how to make these donations will be at the end of each film or can be made via the donate button.