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Oboist/Orsino Ensemble

PROM 3: July 19 & PROM 72: September 7

Nicholas Daniel is one of Britain's best known musicians. He has premiered hundreds of new works for the Oboe and made many critically acclaimed recordings. He is also a successful conductor, including being Music Director of Triorca, young musicians from Germany, the UK and Serbia. He was given the Queen’s medal for Music in 2011.
Nicholas won the 1980 BBC Young Musician competition, after which he quickly established his career, travelling all over the world, broadcasting widely, making his debut at the Proms, and he has made many critically acclaimed recordings of both new and familiar works. As a soloist he has appeared with many of the world’s leading orchestras, performing a huge range of repertoire and premiering works written especially for him by many of the world’s greatest composers. He is a founder member of the Britten Sinfonia, the Haffner Wind Ensemble, Orsino, and the Britten Oboe Quartet. He lives in Cambridgeshire with his husband and his cats Cristāl, a British Blue, and Diamond, a Maine Coon. He is Professor at the Trossingen Musikhochschule in Germany, a member of Momentum (music not politics!), and Max-Musician and Artist Exchange.